Saturday, December 19, 2009

In the first addition to the house , a 1 by 3 inch fur floor was removed to expose original wide red pine floor boards. Next I removed the corner cupboard that was installed in the 18Th century up against the fireplace because it was falling forward and some plaster debris was preventing it from sitting correctly on the floor. Upon removal of the cupboard revealed some very important evidence of the jambless fireplace. The profile of the original valance hood crown moulding was exposed. These mouldings were fitted on the valance board and went into the back wall of jambless. The walls were then plastered and around the moulding. When this fireplace was changed ,valence hood and moulding removed , leaving the profile in the plaster. NOW I HAVE A REAL DiLEMMA!????????? What avenue do I take? What period does this get restored to????????

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