Saturday, April 24, 2010


  1. Jimmy what are you going to do with this space?

  2. Hey cousin, Jimmy.....aren't you a plethora of history! Bob and I took a drive over on Mother's Day and I have to say, it is amazing from the outside. What a great town and what a great opportunity for you...I would love to see the inside and the grounds.....Joy Decker

  3. I am looking to talk with Jim, the owner of Half Moon. I am a descendant of the family (Elmendorf.....then Wiest) and have a little bit of information from a family letter written in 1930 about Half Moon and area directly around it. Please contact me at (517) 202-9799. I would love to share the info. with you. Thanks.

    Jason Ferguson
    Mason, Michigan
    (517) 202-9799