Wednesday, January 8, 2020

        Since my last post; some two years ago; I've decided to share with you a restoration project which I completed in July 2019. The three photos are 1909 image taken by Dr. Nash , Hurley Historian at that time. Second photo is photo taken by me when I purchased the house in 2008. This siding was put on the building by Peter Elmendorf around 1917. The third image is Restoration completed of its original form with vertical weather boards with moulded edges splined together. The boards were hand planned and splined together and nailed with rose-headed nails which I galvanized. The weather boards were copied from some originals that exist. On this wall there are two window which I replicated from the early image which Nash took.  These windows were originally installed in the nineteenth century. There may have been ventilating windows in this wall. A small ventilating casement sash was found in the garret. The placement of the ventilating windows is not known, so I chose to restore this wall as accurately as known.

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  1. Nice work James Vernon. It was an honor to have worked with you. Cheers.