Sunday, September 27, 2009

1934 photo of the corner cupboard Ca.1750 which was built up against the Fireplace in the first addition to the house. This fireplace started as a jambless fireplace and had gone threw a number of changes. In its first phase as a jambless with a small window adjacent to it. When the next room was built on to the building real early jambs were adapted to a smokey smoke hood as the second phase. Upon the third phase the fireplace took on another adaptation were a firebox was formed , a wall of brick filled between the earlier jambs and a smoke shelf dug into the back wall of firebox. At this time the corner cupboard was added , the original mantel moulding removed , another flanking cupboard , and over mantle installed. Upon restoration of jambless fireplace it was found that two courses of brick from early jambs were removed and scratch coat of plaster was placed up against the corner cupboard to seal up the firebox. Around 1800 yet another phase ac cured the over mantel was installed with mantel which can be seen in this photograph.

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