Saturday, March 6, 2010

This image is of shards of Pantiles that were found along the second floor knee wall ,where a section of the knee wall was removed in the 18Th century. After the second addition of the house was put on the building, the roof was rotated to one common plain. An original gabled fronted urban building took on a new form. This gable now thought to have a stone parapeted wall with the roof covered in pantiles. Upon removal of the roof to rotate the direction of the rafters; some of these tiles fell ,broke and lodged up between the floorboards and the knee wall. Well , the jambless fireplace is starting to take shape. The back wall of the fireplace has had it brown coat of plaster applied to it. It is a mixture of Hurley Brown clay , Lime and straw. The original color found on the hood valance was added to this restored Valance. And the jamb boards received the grey color found on the baseboards . The restoration paint color I made from white lead , linseed oil and a little lamp black.

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  1. So it's good to see you're working on the place.
    It will be getting warmer soon Jimmy. Then you can really tear things apart