Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Since my last post

Since my last post. Restorations of the Jambless fireplace of the first addition are complete. Plaster as well as the mop boards throughout the room have been restored. Special note are the colors of the room and fireplace. Originally the beams were unpainted as was underside of the floor boards. The first coat of was this mustard color on the beams and the red color on the crown of the hood. The jambs have boards applied to the fronts in a color to match the grey mop boards. Notice the plaster on the the jambs of fireplace were whitewashed with a painted mop board and the back of the fireplace blackened. All of which were restored using the found evidence. I made grey paint to match using white lead and oil to match original color on mop boards. See previous post showing restoration photos.

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