Friday, November 28, 2014

Since my last post, more restoration has gone on at the Half Moon Tavern. The gable weatherboards and Granary door were restored to there original form. The weatherboards were replicated to there true size and beading; given that I had an original piece of the weatherboards. The boards are hand planed with a moulded edge and splined. The wood is soft pine as the originals were. I stained them to simulate the original piece that I have. The originals were removed in the 1930's and were never painted and lasted for almost 200 years unpainted. The stonework was  filled in when they removed the door. Placement of the restored door is in its original location and scaled using old photographs. The little window originally was a tad wider with proper height but I placed this 18th century sash in because it was available. The hoisting beam also is in it original location. At some point this gable pointing will be restored.

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